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I created an installation titled “Trousseau” (Çeyiz) which is a display of a girl’s belongings she takes with her to her husband’s house. It includes everything she has been creating together with her hopes, expectations and the things she has to leave behind.
The exhibit includes a series of monoprints and a movie. The movie is about a girl who is to be married soon.It is about a girl’s final days before stepping into womanhood.

Each print is about a necessity in her new home such as her uçkurs (drawstring), shoes, gold, brooms, letters, and sugar scissors, which are one of the most important items for a trousseau especially where tea is consumed with hard sugar. I also created prints symbolizing all that she is leaving behind including her imagination, innocence, days of childhood, protection, toys and freedom.

In Turkey, the trousseau is displayed for a week or two before the wedding takes place. This is an exciting time for the bride’s household because it is also an oppor…

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