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Installation on Wishes

Many traditions exist on wish making. In Guatemala children fly kites which they believe will carry their wishes up to the Gods. In Japan, they write them on colorful paper and tie them to bamboo branches. In China, bamboo blocks are hung by temples. In India, children make wishes of peacock feathers. In Israel people hide their wishes on paper, kvitlachs in Jerusalem’s Western Wall. In Thailand, people set afloat boats in lotus flower shapes, krathongs that carry away bad luck so that the good wishes can come true. In Turkey, people tie little strips of paper on trees. Every year on Hidrellez, the day when spring starts Hizir and Ilyas meets in the sky. Legend says that at that moment two starts collide. The rivers stop running. If you happen to see all this and make a wish it comes through. With my wishes installation I want to find a universal way. A wish comes through if you believe in it or if you transfer it to another medium. Or perhaps it may come through only with the

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