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Overwritten Scripts” - a set of prints on women’s rights

“Overwritten Scripts” is a set of prints I created on women’s rights with the intent to emphasize the inequality that exists based on socio-cultural norms rather than Islamic principles, which regard men and women equal in humanity.

Each print speaks of a specific right a woman deserves and they are a result of an extensive study of literature on women’s rights in Islamic countries and the Quranic pretexts. 

The injustice towards women in Islamic countries has been in my mind for a while, resurfacing from time to time. Currently women are deprived of even the most basic human rights that were advocated by Islam. The fairness and justice emphasized in the Quran and practiced in the early days of Islam is altered by the scholars and rulers who elaborate, implement and enforce them. At the beginning of Islam, women were given freedom to develop their individuality and personality. They participated effectively in public life, took part in prayers in mosques together with men, acted as imams…

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